Off-road tour with a Jeep

combined with a wine degustation in a small boutique cellar nestled at the feet of the Balkan Mountains.

Офроуд разходка с АТВ под наем

Off-road tour to the wine cellar

Another dose of adrenaline awaits you with an off-road adventure in combination with the selection of wines of Yalovo Winery, with which you will caress all your senses! Have fun on the uneven forest paths, enjoy the beautiful views and good wine and all this, in the company of relatives, colleagues and friends. Create unforgettable memories with an exciting off-road tour on the hills of our old capital - Veliko Tarnovo, in addition to a wine tasting at "Yalovo Winery".

Are you looking for an unusual experience for you and your relatives, colleagues or friends? We give you the opportunity for a symbiosis of positive emotions!

Our team will take care of your safety with safety instruction during the off-road tour and a qualified guide who will drive the selected machine and will take care of the safe performance of the service and your comfort..

Екстремна офроуд разходка с АТВ под наем

Wine degustation in "Yalovo Winery"

The indoor wine tasting awaits you in the tasting room of Yalovo Winery, 15 km from Veliko Tarnovo. The authentic varieties, the pure production techniques and the artisan approach of the boutique cellar will transport you to the traditions of the past. The rich selection of the wine list will satisfy even the most skilled connoisseurs! The wine tasting includes: a visit to the winery, a discussion about the history of the winery, the region and the varieties, tasting quantities of wines in the hall.

The experience has a total duration of about 2 and a half hours. Off-road tour along the specified route - about 1 hour to the village of Yalovo and back to the starting point another 30 minutes on a normal route. Wine tasting lasting about 1 hour