Off-road JEEP tour

to places, that discover magnificent views of Veliko Tarnovo

Офроуд разходка с джип около Велико Търново и Арбанаси

Enjoy Veliko Tarnovo from a different point of view!

Off-road tour through the hills of Tarnovo and Arbanasi. We give you the opportunity to touch the most beautiful parts of Veliko Tarnovo hills, to enjoy the incredible views of the centuries-old city and to see from above the only ones of its kind cultural landmarks such as Tsarevets and Trapezitsa.

Climb the high rugged hills around our old capital and experience the emotion of the off-road experience. Along with these extreme sensations, you will touch the Bulgarian socialist history when you cross the steep wooded hills with the classic socialist machine - the only one of its kind Jeep UAZ. Our tours can be with a more calm and relaxing focus, as it can be just a peaceful tour in the nature, which is suitable for people not looking for more extreme sensations.

Офроуд сафари с джип до забележителности Велико Търново и Арбанаси | Капиновски манастир и водопад

Explore Veliko Tarnovo and it's surroundings

Off-road jeep tour to areas around Veliko Tarnovo. Visit monasteries and waterfalls, as well as other historical and cultural landmarks in the region of Veliko Tarnovo. Depending on your choice you will have the chance to visit interesting places in the area, such as Lyaskovski Monastery St. St. Peter and Paul, Nikopolis ad Istrum, Kapinovo Monastery and Waterfall, Hotnishki Waterfall and others in combination with off-road experience on dirt roads and areas inaccessible by normal car. Each of the routes includes off-road driving. Depending on the chosen destination, the off-road tour can reach more than half of the planned route. There are 30-minute breaks at each monastery / waterfall that is visited.

  • Kapinovski waterfall and monastery.
  • Hotnitsa waterfall.
  • Nikopolis ad Istrum.
  • Petropavlovski monastery "St.St Petar and Pavel".
  • Transfiguration monstery.

City and cultural tours

Calm and relaxing city tour with a jeep, without off-road driving. Discover Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanasi up close!

The tour takes place in the old and historical parts of Veliko Tarnovo. Take your tour in the cultural parts of the old capital, learn about its history and enjoy the city from inaccessible and stunning places. Visit the architectural and museum reserve Arbanasi, touch the centuries-old houses, churches and monasteries of the village and learn more about its rich history with our guides - all combined with breathtaking panoramic views!

Tours to locations in Bulgaria

Tour to historical and cultural landmarks in Bulgaria. Visit Shipka, Buzludzha, Krushuna Falls or Devetashka Cave and explore Bulgaria with us!

The prices are for renting the whole jeep regardless of the number of passengers in it. Promotional prices are offered for large groups and longer durations